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Saffron has the distinction of being oldest and the most expensive spice in the world - fortunately, you only need a few threads to bring the healthy flavor and distinctive yellow color to dishes. Saffron is believed to have been harvested as early as 1700 BC! Made from the dried stigma of a plant in the crocus family, true saffron costs so much because of the intensive labor required to harvest it. It takes about one acre of land and over 75,000 flowers to harvest one pound of saffron - and what's worse, the flowers must be picked during a one-week window where the flowers bloom. Saffron threads range in color from a deep yellow to a bright rust-red, with the redder the threads, the more intense the flavor. Saffron is imported from Spain and costs over $1,100 a pound if you really felt the need to buy that much. One gram of saffron is much more economical, costing about $7-15, and has several hundred threads in a package. Try to avoid supermarket saffron if you can because it is usually marked up several times over. For example, I saw a jar of saffron selling for $15 that only had about 20 or 30 threads in the little vial inside the jar. Saffron is perfect for chicken soups, rice dishes, and even saffron breads.
Recipes with Saffron:

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