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Chile peppers

Chile peppers

There are so many varieties of Chile pepper that it would take another book to describe them all. However, in a nutshell, the most popular variety of Chile pepper is the cayenne, which is a slim red colored pepper named after an area of South America known for its unbelievably hot peppers. Cayennes are quite hot (about 40,000 scovilles), but a fair number of people can stomach the punch this spice packs. The second most popular variety of pepper is the jalapeno, which at only about 20,000 scovilles, is pretty mild form of pepper, and most everyone enjoys the zip that the jalapeno brings. For those with asbestos lining their mouths, the habanero is the hottest legally available natural pepper in the United States. These little fireballs pack anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 scovilles inside them - and if you can get past the heat, you'll notice a fruity flavor to them. Another popular variety of Chile is the chipotle, which is essentially a jalapeno that's been roasted over a fire. These particular peppers add a nice smokiness to their dishes, in addition to the heat. The Scoville unit is named after a researcher at the Parke- Davis labs who did a study of how hot individual peppers were. It is measured on how many sprays of a sugar solution is required to neutralize the heat of the pepper - one spray equals 100 units.
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