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Asiago Chicken

Asiago Chicken
Photo by: mccun934

About this Recipe:

This is easy, fast, and delicious; makes a great dinner on short notice or a fine potluck dish, and it's excellent served cold for lunch the next day.

Main Ingredients:

Large skinless split chicken breasts: 4
Light olive oil: 1/2 cup
Crushed saltine crackers or corn flakes or bread crumbs: 1 cup
Grated asiago cheese: 1 cup
Paprika: 2 tsp
Ground sage: 2 tsp
White pepper: 1 tsp


1. Dip chicken pieces into oil, then into a mixture of saltines, cheese, and seasonings.

2. Lay the chicken out so it's not crowded in a pan coated with canola spray.

3. Bake uncovered at 350 F degrees for 45-60 minutes.

Published on March 29, 2010
Last edited on March 29, 2010
Herbs & Spices in this Recipe:


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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
45 min
Ready in
50 min
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