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Fried Trout with Dill and Lemon

Fried Trout with Dill and Lemon

About this Recipe:

Just a healthy and easy to cook seafood recipe. You can use sea bass or halibut instead of trout. The lemon and dill inside the cavity provide additional flavor and moisture while the dill sauce complements the taste of the fish. Instead of frying, you can also barbecue or roast the fish.

Main Ingredients:

Trout: 2, each about 200 grams. Head and wings removed, scaled and cavity cleaned.
Lime: 1
Dill: enough to fill the fish cavity
Oil: 2 tbsp

Sauce Ingredients:

Mayonnaise: 1 tbsp
Yogurt: 2 tbsp
Capers: 1 tbsp (optional)
Dill: 1 tsp, chopped
Lime: 1, juice


1. Heat a frying pan with oil.

2. Make diagonal cuts on both sides of fish with a sharp knife at intervals of 1/2 inch.

3. Cut 4 thin slices from the lime and put aside. Sprinkle the juice of the lime over trouts and their cavities.

4. Season each cavity with salt and pepper. Fill the cavities with thin slices of lime and dill.

5. Fry each side of the fish for 10 min on medium heat till golden brown.

6. Meanwhile blend all sauce ingredients together.

7. Serve trouts with sauce and some boiled potatoes.

Published on September 7, 2008
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Ready in
30 min
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