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Wakame Seaweed Salad

Wakame Seaweed Salad

About this Recipe:

This salad is a healthy and delicious meal. Wakame is a seaweed available in Asian grocery stores. It is also used in miso soup.

Main Ingredients:

Dried Wakame seaweed: 3/4 ounce (20 grams)
Sesame seeds: 1 tbsp
Red chili pepper flakes: 1/2 tsp
Rice vinegar: 3 tbsp
Soy sauce: 1-2 tbsp
Sugar: 1/2-1 tbsp


1. Soak dried seaweed in cold water for 20 minutes or until soften. Drain and cut off any hard spine. Chop and set aside.

2. Mix soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar together well. Taste and adjust the soy sauce and sugar.

3. Pour the dressing over seaweed and mix.

4. Sprinkle sesame seeds and red pepper flakes over the salad, and serve.

Published on November 21, 2009

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Prep Time
5 min
Inactive Time
20 min
Ready in
25 min
5 Ratings
Average rating: 3

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Comments: 5

Aja, Guest from: Utah2012 Mar 04
Average rating: 1
This tasted nothing like the seaweed salad that I would order from a restaurant. The sauce was really good, but for some reason, the dried wakame seaweed tasted horrible. What is the exact kind of wakame seaweed that you used? I had to throw away my entire batch. Please help.

Luc, Guest2012 Apr 04
hahaahhahaha damn!It must have been seaweird instead....;)

Citrine, Guest from: Subang Jaya2014 Aug 01
Average rating: 3
Are there any other ingredients to replace the vinegar?I gonna experiment with the dried wakame packet tomorrow.

George, Guest from: Cz2014 Dec 11
Average rating: 2
What about ginger, garlic and sesame oil??? Very essential ingredients for this one.

Essay Writing Service, Guest from: UK2015 Nov 23
Average rating: 5
Wow! This one is my favorite dish and i always like to eat it. My wife don't know the recipe and making procedure. Now i'm feeling lucky that i got that article having all detail regarding Spinach Sauce, Asparagus and Peas with images and full making procedure. I like to appreciate your great effort which you done for us and especially for me because i love it very much.

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