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Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie
Recipe By: Navid

About this Recipe:

NavidNavid: Shepherd's pie or cottage pie is a traditional English dish which was originally made from left over of a roast beef dish. Usually vegetables such as green peas, carrots and some times corns are cooked with ground lamb or beef, then layered in a baking dish and covered with mashed potatoes to be baked in the oven. Another variation of this dish is to replace the mashed potatoes with puree of vegetables such as roasted butternut squash and carrot.

Main Ingredients:

Ground Lamb or Beef: 1 lb
Frozen Green Peas: 1/2 cup
Carrots: 1/4 cups, chopped
Onion: 1 medium, chopped
Garlic: 1 clove, diced
Worcestershire Sauce: 2 tbsp (or replace it with your favorite steak sauce)
Potatoes: 4 medium, peeled and sliced
Onion Spring: 1 tbsp, chopped
Cream Cheese: 1-2 tbsp
Milk: 1-2 tbsp
Butter: 2-3 tbsp
Vegetable Oil: 1 tbsp


1. Boil potatoes in salted water for 15 min or until tender.

2. Meanwhile, saute chopped onion, carrots and garlic with vegetable oil in a frying pan for 5 min.

3. Add ground meat and saute for 10 min until no longer pink. Add salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce and cook for 5 more min. Add frozen peas and cook for 2-3 more min.

4. Mash hot potatoes and melt butter with them. Add milk, chopped onion springs and cream cheese. Use a spoon to mix them well. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

5. Transfer meat to a baking dish and cover with mashed potatoes.

6. Cook in 400 F preheated oven for 30 min until crisp on top.

Published on April 30, 2008
Last edited on November 11, 2009

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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
55 min
Ready in
1 hour 10 min
Recipe by
50 Ratings
Average rating: 3.82

Nutrition Facts
% Daily Value

Fat  21.2 g
33 %

Fiber  3.8 g
15 %

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
27 %
41 %
5 %
27 %
Complete Nutrition Facts

Shepherd's Pie

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Comments: 38

Ali, Member2008 May 06
Tried it! Too rich but quite delicious actually! The Worecestershire sauce is rather dilute. I added 4 tbsp to 1 lb meat to get some taste :)

CJ, Guest from: London2008 May 19
Agree with the previous comment - up the levels of Lea and Perrins to ensure you get enough flavour.

Abz And Els, Guest2008 Jun 21
I have n ot tried it yet but it seems good enough for me !!

Debbie, Guest from: British Columbia, Canada2008 Sep 04
Very good Shepherd's Pie - one of the best I've had! Next time I would just add more veggies to it! I also used ground Elk meat instead of beef.

Sophie Hather, Guest from: Cumbria2008 Sep 16
Tried it to! very good but i hate peas so didnt use them also used lamb mince instead of beef xxsxx

Tiffany, Guest from: Calgary AB2008 Sep 25
my boyfriend and I are still in the cooking stage but fining it great. We added extra carrotts and some red pepper. Yum yum can't wait!

Sean, Guest from: Welwyn Garden City2008 Oct 10
i think shepherds pie is acctually really good concidering i never liked it when i was little ;)

James, Guest from: British Columbia2008 Oct 17
A tasty sounding pie if ever there was one. I am curious about the name, Shepard's Pie. Why beef and not lamb? Cowherd Pie doesn't sound very good I suppose. Make this dish with ground lamb, and even with bison. I will definitely try that Squash/carrot topping.

Layla, Guest from: Ireland2008 Oct 21
Thats not a Shepards Pie, unless it is made with lamb! Shepards=lamb, Cottage = Beef. They are not interchangeable. And you would never use corn in a traditional shepards pie. There is nothing wrong with changing recipes and using new ingredients, but then it is not the traditional food and needs a different name!

Fatima, Guest from: Quebec2008 Nov 07
The English call this Cottage Pie. I loved this , and like a previous poster I hated this when I was younger. I also used more Lea and Perrins Sauce to it, but then I like tangy and spicy food. Made it twice now, once withminced beef, and once with Lamb, preferred the Beef.

Shawn, Guest from: Montreal2009 Jan 22
Average rating: 3
Needed more kick in my opinion so I diced up 2 tbsp of fresh ginger and added and simmered in beer. Very good

Marmara, Guest2009 Jan 28
Wonder if I could replace the peas for corn and mushrooms - thoughts?

Navid, Member2009 Jan 28
You can certainly do that. You should just add mushrooms from the beginning. Or you can saute them separately and then add to the lamb before cooking in the oven.

Eden, Guest2009 Mar 22
Average rating: 4
it tasted awesome!!!it was the best shepherds pie i have tasted...

Chris, Guest from: Toronto2009 Mar 28
Average rating: 4
I am big fan of Shepherds/Cottage pie. I add creamed corn to the mix, use a lot more Lea and Perrins and take a handful of potato chips and crush them into dust to sprinkle on the top with a little bit of shredded sharp cheddar cheese before putting it into the oven. It makes a very tasty crust. A tablespoon of Tabasco in the beef mix is a nice way to enhance the flavour as well.

Chris, Guest2009 Apr 02
Average rating: 4
Silly to think it's not Shepherd's or Cottage pie due to a few changed ingredients... Is a pizza not a pizza because you put ham & pineapple on it?

Rob, Guest from: Oakville, ON2009 Apr 05
Average rating: 5
Agree with Chris.. Shall we split hairs on Sauce vs. Gravy next? Awesome recipe, a SHEPHERD's PIE if I've ever eaten one...and I've made many.Adding a pack of leek soup mix to the potatoes makes for a delicious twist, and putting well aged cheddar in/ontop of the potatoes and serving it with cheese sauce is my favorite way. (going to try chips next time too for texture) Wicked recipe!

Bev, Guest from: Saskatoon2009 Apr 15
Average rating: 4
I added half sweet potatoes and half Yukon Gold potatoes to it with half and half cream. It was delilous, Now my hubby will eat it for the fiber and he loves it too,

Alison, Guest from: Burlington, On2009 Apr 15
Average rating: 4
added 1 can corn, baby carrots, frozen peas. didn't measure the lea and perrins, just stopped when it tasted right. used instant potatos for a smoother topping. made a potato gravy mix with the flakes for a thicker mix. ran out of garlic in the house, so added some fresh powdered garlic to the oil. everyone went back for seconds.

Afua, Guest from: Toronto2009 May 23
When you look at the complete calorie count for one serving.....I think the carb count is off. Recipe calls for 4 potatoes. Since it is a four serving dish.....I would avereage each serving to have 1 potatoe. 1 potatoe has more than 8 grams carbs.

Fara, Guest2009 Jun 20
Average rating: 4
My family and I loved it, the only thing I changed it I smoked the ground beef (great flavour) and added cheese on top while it was baking! :)

Raven M., Guest2009 Aug 10
Average rating: 5
I like this recipe because it's easy to adjust to my liking. In a pinch I've subbed the carrots for parsnips, the potatoes for yams and the worcestershire sauce for soy sauce.. Also I leave out the cream cheese. Always comes out pretty delicious.

Tamara, Guest from: Edmonton, Alberta2009 Sep 22
Average rating: 4
I used ground Deer meat, which I love! Added a bit more garlic & used a roast gravy packet (just half a packet) & mixed it with water. Cooked it down to make a nice rich sauce. Fresh carrots, frozen corn and peas to get more veggies :)

Guest, Guest from: New Westminster, BC2009 Nov 06
The recipes that don't call for pre-made shelf products with added [oops] in them will always have my vote. I can't stand perusing through a recipe and seeing Can Of Soup, carton of Broth, and other off the shelf lazy mixes. I'm not a chef nor a rich snob either - I like simple recipes that taste good is all.

Katie, Guest from: Dunnville2009 Nov 11
Average rating: 4
My husband is a better cook than myself, so I was very pleased when everyone loved it!! I did add 1 1/2 cup water with flour and beef bouillon to make a bit of a gravy. Thanks for sharing this recipe I'm sure it will be a family favorite for years to come.

Shyamal, Guest from: Sturgeon County, AB, Canada2009 Dec 02
Average rating: 4
Sounds just right for a cold evening like tonight! Will try right away--with as few substitutions (some stuff not being at hand). At any rate, I have always liked most versions of SP (CP?) I have eaten. Most comments above are helpful and in the right spirit. FOOD LOVERS MUST STICK TOGETHER!) Too many coyotes howling just outside my house--this being full moon night. Is that meat a possible substite/option? Just kiddin'.

Dave Burt, Guest from: England2009 Dec 04
Average rating: 4
shepherds pie is lamb, cottage pie is beef this version is very good i tried it and that is from an englishman ,s taste buds

Justin, Guest2010 Jan 26
Average rating: 4
I made this sans the cream cheese, and it turned out pretty tasty. I made this in pie plates because I didn't have a lasagna dish handy. Corn niblets added to the beef give it a nice taste and add some colour to it.

Miley Cyrus, Guest2010 Feb 06
Average rating: 1

Meghan, Guest from: Guelph, ON2010 Feb 18
I made this recipe with ground chicken instead of ground beef and also increased the amount of Lea and Perrins with some hot sauce. Tasted great!

Cy, Guest2010 Mar 21
I brown the beef seperate from sauting veggies(browning beef gives a delicious flavour to the meat). I subbed green onions in the potatoes with parsley flakes and crushed chili peppers (don't add the peppers if you don't like dark spots in your potatoes). I added 2 tbsp. of sugar to the meat to offset the Worcestershire Sauce taste, and sprinkled Parm. cheese on top (added golden brown). End result: Delicious. Down side: no leftovers :-(

Katy, Guest from: Ontario2010 Nov 30
I used left over roast beef that I chopped in the food processor along with onions from the roasting pan and the leftover gravy. Added mixed vegetables and then topped with the mashed. YUM. Everyone had 2 helpings

Walter, Guest from: BC Canada2010 Dec 02
Average rating: 4
I used left over Beef stew which had lots of gravey and lots of different veggies in it and added fine chopped onion and garlic to the mashed potatoes and some blue cheese topped with parmesan cheese and chives.

Dalton, Guest from: Edmonton, AB2011 Mar 03
Average rating: 5
Great with deer meat. Awesome recipe!

Bruce Fletcher, Guest from: Gibsons, BC2011 Jun 18
Cottage pie is made with beef. Shepherd's pie is made with lamb. Shepherds have no connection with beef.

Anna, Guest2012 Jan 11
Average rating: 4
Great recipe! I added Taco mix to the beef for added flavour as well as 2 teaspoons of thyme and rosemary and 1 can of corn. I added fresh dill to the potatoes and topped with sprinkled shredded cheese.

Dave, Guest from: Sask,Canada2013 Feb 26
Average rating: 5
Wowzers ,an i have been having plain jane pie,thankyou for so many variations

Rony, Guest from: United States2018 Dec 21
Average rating: 5
Amazing recipe. Definitely try this at home

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