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Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough
Recipe By: Navid

About this Recipe:

NavidNavid: This recipe for pizza crust is a general and easy recipe. The main key ingredient in this recipe is honey which makes the crust crispy. Add your favorite pizza toppings and enjoy.

Main Ingredients:

Flour: 3.75 cups
Yeast: 2 tbsp
Salt: 1 tsp
honey: 1 tbsp
Olive oil: 1-2 tbsp
Warm water: 1+1/2 cup


1. If using bread machine, add all main ingredients in the order suggested by your bread machine manual and process to form the dough then skip to step 6. Otherwise start from step 2.

2. Dissolve yeast in 1/2 cup warm water and let it stand for 3 min.

3. Mix the flour and salt together.

4. Pour the yeast mixture, the rest of the water, honey and olive oil into the center of the flour and mix to dough.

5. Knead for 15 min or until dough becomes smooth and elastic.

6. Divide dough into 2 round pieces. Slightly sprinkle the baking sheet with flour and transfer rolls to it. Cover and leave them in a warm place for 1.5 hours or until doubled in bulk.

7. To make pizza, spread the dough into half a centimeter.

8. Add your toppings and bake in 400 F oven for 20 min.

Published on October 1, 2008

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2 large pizzas
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Inactive Time
1 hour 45 min
Ready in
2.5 hours
Recipe by
49 Ratings
Average rating: 4.46

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Comments: 57

Jen, Guest2008 Nov 02
Great recipe! Great size for a family, and easy for anyone to make.=)

Cheryl, Guest from: Dixonville Alberta2009 Mar 11
Average rating: 5
I love this recipe it is sooooo easy and absolutly fantastic. I did find a good trick with working with the dough. Make the dough the night before and place it covered in the fridge over night and makes the dough so much easier to work with.

Somaye, Guest2009 May 02
Average rating: 5
Easy and Accurate recipe. dastet tala!

Lisa, Guest2009 Jun 07
Average rating: 5
I love this ! it's great do you have other recipes?:)

Piya, Guest2009 Jun 14
Average rating: 3
good work. but i hv a confusion with temperature, is it F or degrees????????

Navid, Member2009 Jun 15
As you can see in the last step it says 400 F which means Fahrenheit. This is about 200 C.

Wendy, Guest2009 Jul 25
Average rating: 5
This recipe is the best that I have ever used including ones from pizza cookbooks and cooking tv websites. I was able to spread the dough out very thinly onto 2 rectangular baking sheets and it cooked in about 15 min.I topped the dough with basil pesto, marinated artichokes, slivers of sundried tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and provolone cheese slices. Delicious! Thanks so much for sharing.

Simon, Guest from: Montreal2009 Jul 28
Average rating: 5
I used this recipe to make pizza on the BBQ and it worked great. I chilled the dough before rolling it out and putting directly on the grill with a bit of oil. It was fantastic.

EvaLuna, Guest2009 Aug 11
This works great! So easy

Margaret, Guest from: Canada2009 Aug 15
Average rating: 5
Some commentators suggested chilling the dough before rolling it out. Do you chill it after it has risen? Do you have further comments about doing this?

Nadia, Guest2009 Aug 28
Hi Navid, I have a quick question.Does the honey make it sweet?I'm afraid that the honey wouldtake over the pizza scent.Thanks!

Navid, Member2009 Aug 28
Not at all. It just make it crispier.

Nadia, Guest2009 Aug 30
Ok, thanks! I'm going to make it today.

Becky Pruden, Guest from: Bc, Canada2009 Sep 14
does this recipe freeze well??? cheers!

Navid, Member2009 Sep 15
I have not tried to freeze it but usually yeast doughs respond well to being frozen.

Brenda, Guest2009 Sep 20
Average rating: 1
I've double checked that I used the correct measurements for all the ingredients and I did but it still came out extremely salty! Is that usual?

Lilly, Guest2009 Sep 24
Average rating: 5
oh my gosh i think this is the easyest recipe i have tried 5to6 recipe has worked out soooogood and taste better than ever and naviddo you ever eat this at home

Kalona, Guest2009 Oct 30
That's some fiiiiiiine cookin' you got there.

Lily, Guest from: Denver2009 Nov 17
This sounds delicious, I'm excited to try it! Should any of the ingredients/temperatures be modified considering I am at a higher elevation?

Grlnxtdoor, Member2009 Nov 24
Average rating: 4
I tried this recipe yesterday, and it was fantastic! All 3 of us loved it!

KellyB, Guest from: Edmonton Alberta2009 Dec 31
Average rating: 4
If you make in a Standing mixer you have to add the last 1/4 cup of flour 1 table spoon at a time until it stops sticking to the sides of the bowl. Thanks for the eggless recipe :>)

Mina, Guest from: Toronto2010 Feb 03
Average rating: 5
We make a lot of pizza and try a lot of recipes, and this is by far the best pizza dough we have found. Great, subtle, and simple. And yes, it does freeze well. Also here is a tip: use a fork to perforate the dough after you have spread it out over the baking sheet and before you put the toppings on. This helps with the crisping and lets the dough breathe. Cheers.

Anonymous, Guest2010 Feb 10
Average rating: 5
Dear Brenda,nnTry reading it a third time.nnTeaspoon for salt...NOT tablespoon

Jon, Guest from: Edmonton2010 Feb 26
Average rating: 5
This is a great recipe. Very easy to make and it turns out every time!

Zohreh, Guest2010 Mar 04
Average rating: 5
I just tried it, and it turned out great!

Karly, Guest2010 Mar 19
why do u divide them into 2 round peices? this is my first time making pizza dough

Dee, Guest2010 Apr 22
How and when do you freeze the dough?

Mike, Guest2010 May 01
hey just wondering if anyone ever tried this whith whole wheat flour or not...

Elena, Guest from: Alberta, CA2010 May 03
Average rating: 5
Excellent recipe. This is my first attempt at pizza dough. I used Pizza dough yeast in the recipe and the dough at least tripled in size when rising---It was a bit sticky but I used flour liberally and it turned out amazing. My fiance is already asking me to make it again!Living in Alberta, we are in desperate need of excellent pizzerias! So, instead of waiting for new shops, I opted to make this recipe and try my hand at it myself. I recommend this recipe to any first-timer! GL.

Nancy, Guest2010 May 30
Average rating: 5
I have made pizza using this receipe and this is the best.

Joesy, Guest2010 Jul 21
Average rating: 5
I use the same proportions except I substitute regular flour with spelt flourThe dough is still very crispy. Regarding chilling dough, do you let it rise first then chill it? Then the next day do you let it rise? counter

GR, Guest2010 Sep 01
Average rating: 5
WOW!!, Hands down the best pizza dough recipe I have tried. The dough can be rolled out extremely thin without tearing and it bakes up cripsy but soft in the center. It is a perfect thin crust recipe or a great thick crust depending on how you roll it. Thanks SO Much!!!!

Delreal, Guest2011 Jan 14
i have a question does it matter what kind of yeast i use im a young cook myself havent tried dis receipe but i will soon making a pizza myself tonight

Thuy Luong, Guest2011 Jan 24
Average rating: 5
Perfect recipe!

Weng, Guest2011 Apr 14
Average rating: 3
2 table spoon of yeast? isn't that too much?

Nadine, Guest2011 Aug 17
what can i use instead of honey?

Barbara, Guest from: Alberta2011 Sep 26
Average rating: 5
I tried this crust a few months ago, when the weather was terrible and I know it would be a LONG wait for pizza. We will never go back! We haven't ordered delovery pizza since!!!Thanks so much for sharing ;)

Eva, Guest from: Canada2012 Jan 16
Average rating: 5
Thanks a lot for sharing this great recipe :) I did it for the first time for some friends and we all loved it, very easy to make and tastes better than the ones you buy. Everyone should try it !!!

Deb, Guest2012 Mar 02
Average rating: 5
Thanks great recip we bake one freeze one after last rise wrap in wax paper put in a baggie pull it out put in warm place to rise again WORKS GREAT have made it lots HONEY is most important for crispy crunchy don,t be shy

Jenni, Guest2012 Mar 09
Average rating: 5
This makes a wonderful pizza...easy, quick and delicious!! A new family favorite- Thank you!

Sheri, Guest2012 Mar 10
Good recipe for dough. Wrapping the dough in wax paper didn't work for me, the paper stuck. From now on I'll just place the dough balls in plastic bags. I always top my pizza with drizzles of olive oil and bake on parchment paper right on my pizza stone or lodge cast iron pan.

Majida, Guest2012 Apr 30
Average rating: 5
I test it and everyone like it very easy specially in bread machine. Enjoy the real dough of pizza !!!! Thanks a lot.

A Long Haired Girl, Guest2012 May 25
Average rating: 5

Luxin, Guest from: China2012 Jul 10
good pizza

April, Guest2012 Nov 05
If I was to freeze the dough do I omit step 6 until ready to bake?

Kalani, Guest from: Hawaii2012 Dec 03
Average rating: 5
This pizza crust was excellent. I made it using my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Kneaded the dough with the dough hook for about 10 min. I was a little nervous because I never used this much yeast in a crust recipe before. But the crust was light and airy. I divided the dough in half after it proofed and froze the other half for a later time (I wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in a Zip-lock freezer bag). Thank you.

Maria, Guest2013 Jan 04
Average rating: 5
GREAT recipe! My family loved this pizza! I will try it again, but it was excellent the first time I made it. Thank you!

Manfred Tiebs, Guest from: Wabamun, Alberta2013 May 15
Average rating: 5
This sounds great. Will give it a try. Always looking for something good to add to my menu for my caf?, By The Lake Caf?, in Wabamun, Alberta.

Marilynn, Guest2013 Sep 12
Today I made this dough recipe for the first time in my bread machine. I put in 3 and 3/4 cup of flour. The dough rose up and over the glass on my bread machine. I also added 2 tbls of flour after the first beep. At the end of cycle the dough still seems very wet and elasticity. What did I do wrong. I'm considered a very good cook/baker. I make dough all the time and never have problems. Should I have used more flour? Please let me know. Thanks

Attachepr, Guest from: Dhaka-12302013 Oct 30
Average rating: 5
I like it most even feel a curiosity to have now.

Harley Jackman, Guest2013 Dec 23
Thanks for sharing this! I love pizza dough so much, a good dough makes the pizza. If the crust is not good I dont like the pizza. That is why im so impressed with this dough!

Bella, Guest2014 Apr 15
Average rating: 5
I LOVE ITIs there any way the dough could rise faster?

Geroge, Guest2014 Apr 15
I like it. its aiight.

Joseph, Guest2014 Oct 09
Average rating: 5
This is the best pizza dough recipe I have ever tried.The only change I make is to use only one tablespoon of yeast. It rises very fast if I use water that is so hot I can barelykeep my hand in it.

Dave, Guest2014 Nov 18
Average rating: 5
This has become my go to dough recipe. Not just pizza though, calzones, wrapping for smoked meat loaf and awesome submarine and slider buns too.

Judy, Guest from: Putnam Valley2017 Feb 01
Average rating: 5
This dough was so easy to make and soooooodelicious! My husband and I love a thin crispy rustic crust and this did the job! I will surely be making this again and again. Thank you so much for this recipe. I am a first time user and I used my kitchenaide and King Arthur flour with a little whole wheat! Yummy and healthy!

Joi, Guest from: Idaho2019 Feb 06
Average rating: 5
Really good dough! Will make again! I also used 1 for 1 Gluten free flour with this recipe and it turned out really well!!

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