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Noodle Salad

Noodle Salad

About this Recipe:

This is a very quick and easy noodle salad which doesn't take more than 15 min to prepare. You can adjust the amount of Teriyaki sauce in this recipe and add some salt and pepper if you prefer.

Main Ingredients:

Noodle: 2 cups
Celery: 1/4 cup, chopped
Carrot: 1/4 cup, shredded
Cilantro: 3 tbsp, chopped
Roasted bell pepper: 1, skin removed, chopped
Sesame oil: 2 tsp
Sesame seeds: 1 tbsp
Teriyaki sauce: 1/4 cup (or to taste)


1. Cook dried noodles in boiling water for the length of time specified on its package. 30 second before removing from the heat, add chopped celery to it.

2. Drain noodle and celery and wash with cold water.

3. Add all other ingredients and combine well.

4. Chill before serving.

Published on November 18, 2008
Last edited on October 23, 2009
Herbs & Spices in this Recipe:

Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds

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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
5 min
Ready in
15 min
5 Ratings
Average rating: 4.4

Nutrition Facts
% Daily Value

Fat  11.8 g
18 %

Fiber  1.6 g
6 %

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
20 %
1 %
4 %
11 %

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