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I am currently a Master student in Electrical and Computer Eng. in University of British Columbia. I enjoy cooking and baking, but can never follow a recipe because I need to add my own touch!
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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe
2009 Mar 11
Hi YuriOven should be at 350 degrees F

Double Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe
2009 Mar 11
Hi BillOnly in step 6! thank you for pointing that out. I corrected the recipe. Hope you enjoy it.

Strawberry Jello Mousse Recipe
2009 Jan 06
Hi Poh Mei , you should add the ice cream after Jell-O has been totally melted in boiling water, in place of cold water if you were making the normal Jell-O.

Coconut Macaroon Recipe
2008 Dec 09
These are soooo good. Tasty and moist. Give them a try.

Vegetable Salsa Dip Recipe
2008 Oct 01
This is my favorite salsa dip, very tasty and fresh

Roast Chicken Recipe
2008 Sep 16
Hi hasolkid, Yes I have always made this recipe without covering the chicken. This way chicken keeps all its moisture inside. What temp. did you use? You should put the chicken in the middle oven rack and broiler should be off too. If with all this, you should still feel that the chicken needs more time in oven while the skin is done, just cover the chicken but not the whole dish, otherwise the chicken will release all its flavors. Hope this helps

Coffee Panna Cotta Recipe
2008 Jan 14
oh so yummy. It is not easy to believe that a simple recipe like this can taste this good.

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