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Name:Payam Vaziri
Location:Waterloo, ON
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Red Bean Stew Recipe
2009 Jan 17
Great. I added some ground beef to it (after consulting with chef Tahmineh of course) When I mixed everything together what I came up with was something that looked like chili, smelled like chili, and tasted like chili. (I'm new at this!) Whatever you may call it, it was heavenly. Taking Bahar's recommendation I tried it cold as well and I second her comment, this recipe is a hit.

Roasted Paprika Chicken With Mushroom Sauce Recipe
2008 Sep 30
Came home tired looking for an easy and delicious recipe and I found this one. I didn't have the ingredients to make the mushroom sauce so i just had it with veggies. Healthy meal. I strongly recommend it.

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