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Name:Amela S
About me
I wanna be a cook when I grow up into an complete adult, but thats WHAT I WANNA BE but I dont know what I will truly be. I havemany recipes bnut I made this account today, well now I can upload them :D I made my first healthy wrap :)
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Egg Wrap Recipe
2010 Oct 09
thank you so muchh I was away for 3 months so I didnt have time to make more recipes.

Egg Wrap Recipe
2010 May 06
Please comment after you have tried this recipe, I know that you'll enjoy it because my dad stole my mom's wrap then I had to rush to make another, then I finally made mine, once we ran out of pita bread :SIts tasty and creamy with the cheese. I want you to try it, please it goes great with milk and for breakfast!

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