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Name:Baharak Rastegari
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Rank: Chef
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I am a PhD student in the department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia. I very much enjoy cooking, baking and trying new recipes from different cuisines.
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Mango Cake Recipe
2010 Aug 04
Hi Zareen. You can replace the whipping cream with the same amount of milk (1/2 cup) to have a healthier version. If you want to keep the level of fat the same, then you need to add some more butter; so replace the whipping cream with 1/3 cup milk + 1/6 cup melted butter.

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2010 Jan 09
Hello,Do not over mix means stop mixing as soon as you realize that all the ingredients are completely mixed (in here, stop mixing as soon as the cream is completely mixed into the batter). As for strawberries, you don't have to cut them but you can if you wish. It depends on how you like the final sauce to look like.

Walnut Cookie Recipe
2010 Jan 03
Hi Dawi. No, you haven't missed anything. Flour is not an ingredient of these cookies.

Baklava Recipe
2009 Oct 23
Hello.If you don't like it too cripsy then try baking it for a shorter time. I may suggest baking it for about 5-10 minutes shorter (so for 35-40 min). The best way perhaps is for you to check it after 20-25 minutes and take it out whenever you wish as long as it is slightly golden (and thus baked). It is easier to check if you bake it in a glass dish. As for the syrup, pour it *cold* all over the *warm* baklava and specially on the sides and the cuts that you earlier made on it.

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2009 Oct 16
Hi Eli, I think you can use any sort of simple biscuits, crush them and use instead of graham cracker crumbs.

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2009 Sep 27
To Livia208: No, it doesn't need to be baked.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Recipe
2009 Jul 12
Hi Fris. You have to store them in a container with a lid or ziploc after they are cool. They should stay fresh for upto few days at room temperature. If you keep them refrigerated they'll last longer. Good question though, I should add the storage hints to the recipe. Thanks

Mango Cake Recipe
2009 Jun 05
That is very strange. Cynthia, did your cake also flattened after it reached room temperature, like what Merlie said? and to what extend did it flatten? out of curiousity, did you use tube pan or loaf pan?

Mango Cake Recipe
2009 May 10
Hi Merlie. What do you mean by the cake flattened? Did it go back to the same size it was as a better? This cake is a variation of pound cake and is not supposed to be very airy and fluffy. It has to be slightly larger in volume than it was as a batter. Also make sure that you do not open the oven door in the first 40 minute or so, otherwise it may not rise properly.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Recipe
2009 May 04
Hi Jennifer. You have to take the cookies out of the oven no more than a minute or two later than they are cracked, and you have to let them cool for at least 5 minutes to settle. These cookies are supposed to be goeey inside. You may also try using lower temprature (325F or even 300F) for your oven; note that ovens reaul temprature may slightly vary from what they say and if so, you have to accordingly adjust the temprature suggested in the recipe for your oven.

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2009 Mar 17
Hi Karen. This recipe is not the easiest one you can start with but is really not hard either. If you follow the recipe you should get a very good result. For some of the cakes you better have an electric beater (e.g. the recipes in which you have to beat the butter and sugar for few minutes) but there are cakes that you can make using a whisk, e.g. apple cinnamon cake and chocolate banana cake from our website which are very easy to make. Pound cakes are also generally easy to make.

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2009 Mar 17
Hi Poh. Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked the result. If you wish it would be great if you share your experience (modifications, etc) with us.

Heavenly Cookies Recipe
2009 Jan 18
to Sue: they should turn out almost dry and definitely not oily. If you decide to try again use vegetable oil and not butter, that might help. Yes, the chocolate ones do not have strong chocolate taste of course (1 Tbsp cocoa) they are supposed to have little flavor and more color. If you do not ginger cookies in general you definitely don't want to make the gingery variation.

Mushroom And Spinach Quiche Recipe
2008 Dec 14
Yummy. Haven't tried the recipe yet, but loved the one that Sara baked, thanks Sara joon.

Sweet Roll Knots Recipe
2008 Dec 04
This recipe makes 6 very large roll knots. For a buttery bread of that size 500 cal is not too much, I believe. I usually use this recipe to make 12 smaller knots .

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2008 Nov 30
Hi Martha. You are right, we can just put 3/4 cup. If your marshmallows are very fresh (recently packaged) and not few weeks/months old (as mine usually are), I may suggest starting with 1/2 cup of milk and then add more (1/4 cup) if needed. (1/2 cup might be enough for very fresh ones). I should add this as a note to the recipe. Thanks for noticing it. Let me know how it turns out.

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2008 Nov 20
Hi Tryin. The cake is round (as step 1 specifies, the recipe makes a 9-inch round cake. The photo shows a piece of the cake). You can definitely cover the cake with melted chocolate, but do this after you've refrigerated the cake for at least 5-6 hours. After you've covered it with melted chocolate, refrigerate it again so that the cake won't start melting. Good luck, and remember that this cake taste the best if you make it a day ahead :)

Spinach Quiche Recipe
2008 Nov 09
Delicious! I've been waiting for Sara to post the recipe, thanks Sara joon :)

Tiramisu Recipe
2008 Oct 29
Very delicious. I recommend refrigerating it for at least 6-7 hours or preferably overnight so that lady fingers absorb all the moist and taste. Many things to do on the day of your dinner party? Make this dessert the night before :)

Walnut Almond Cake Recipe
2008 Oct 26
You are right Amena. That line didn't belong to this recipe; it has been removed now. Thank you.

Greek Pizza Recipe
2008 Oct 01
Very very delicious. I wasn't used to eat feta cheese except with bread for breakfast (sort of traditional Persian breakfast) but I've slowly got used to it in the past few years. I'm now a big fan of feta cheese dishes and this Pizza (along with a very delicious pasta dish which hopefully Sara will put its recipe up soon) is one of the main reasons for this big change.

Vegetable Salsa Dip Recipe
2008 Oct 01
An excellent dip. I've been waiting for this recipe for so long, thank you Yalda for putting it up :) Tasty, fresh and healthy.

Dill And Yogurt Sauce Recipe
2008 Sep 30
Very delicious and extremely easy to make. It goes perfectly with any fish dish and even chicken dishes. Well, at least we tried the leftover with bbq chicken and they completed each other perfectly.

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe
2008 Sep 30
An excellent dish. This amount served me and my sister twice ( so I would say if you do not have a huge appetite this amount will serve about 4 people), so I tried it both with the fries and pasta, loved it both times. My sister is kind of picky about the smell of meat or chicken, but she was amazed how delicious the chicken tastes in this recipe which I think is because of the marinating step. Try this recipe, you won't regret it :)

Heavenly Cookies Recipe
2008 Sep 16
Answer to Chef: This is very strange indeed. Here are few things that I can think of: 1) Do not use more oil that is in the recipe. 2) Add the flower slowly and mix well but do not overmix. 3) The dough is not supposed to be runny and very smooth (it looks kind of like a ginger bread dough if you've seen one before), so do not add more oil if it doesn't look smooth to you. 4) If the dough is kind of runny and/or your kitchen temperature is high, put the dough for half an hour o

Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe
2008 Sep 16
Answer to Random Guy: I'm not quite sure. I wrote the instructions according to exactly how I made this cheesecake. Here are few things that comes to my mind in the order of importance: 1) Beat the whipping cream carefully according to the instruction and make sure that it is stiff and not runny. 2) Refrigerate the cheesecake for at least 6 hours and preferably overnight. The take holds way better the next day. 3) Let the melted marshmallow to be cooled slightly before adding it to the c

Mixed Fruit Dessert Recipe
2008 Sep 10
An excellent, healthy and delicious treat

Red Bean Stew Recipe
2008 Apr 12
It tastes fabulous. You can either serve it warm or cold and it is definitely a hit in either cases.

Eccles Cake Recipe
2008 Feb 25
I haven't tried the recipe but I tried the cookies Navid baked, and they taste heavenly.

Sweet Roll Knots Recipe
2007 Dec 31
looks very yummyyy

Orange Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe
2007 Dec 22
This is my most favorite cake recipe. Try this recipe and I guarantee you'll get many complements from your guests. Although, you may never be satisfied with the result yourself, if you've ever tried one that Sara has baked :)

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